I guess love is

knowing all the random nonsense from the past like ghosts that came before us

I would very much love to say—,

I would be very delighted to:

Merge spirits of wood and pine into the most exotic experience, which is life,

which is waking up to love—,

to light and sound

I guess guessing does just as much as dreaming does for love

I guess love is the first liberation

I guess we must speak love loud and clear

I guess we must express what love makes us feel

I guess love is just as fun as holding hands right now

I guess the looks and the feeling in the chest

may be a part of it

I guess

love is

A unique language only spoken correctly by the victims of a sacred game

Finding themselves alone at night even in a room full of people, and when the sun shines early in the morning create a shelter to take cover from harm

Watching the stars under a sublime waterfall of blissful joy

Waking up


Waking up to love:

The world opens to a despicable clock

that won’t stop


of how much time goes by

Your heart will say it without any sound

Don’t distance yourself from pain,

Embrace every detail good or bad

Reality sometimes gets cold

Warm up near the stove of soft touch

Enjoy the view letting go like the snowflake from the sky

Hold everything close to your soul

Every moment

If possible.

Publicado por Daemon S. Viatorem

Aficionado de la música, el baile y los viajes espirituales. Estudiante de Escritura Creativa por la UdG. Porretas Muertos. [Viajero Demoníaco] Forastero

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