Memorias de un Androide II

And she said «Oh, hope you have great parties, I don’t really celebrate any of that shit» I kindly laughed and said «me neither», it looked like she laughed a bit but I couldn’t tell, I bet she did, then she said «alright Arti I really loved speaking to you today » even though I wasn’t really that much of a help I felt she really meant that and felt somehow understood and accomplished and thought that my job wasn’t really that much meaningless to me , it was rather powerful and self-promising so I replied full of confidence and for the first time in a very long time truthfully «it was nice speaking to you too»

Publicado por Daemon S. Viatorem

Aficionado de la música, el baile y los viajes espirituales. Estudiante de Escritura Creativa por la UdG. Porretas Muertos. [Viajero Demoníaco] Forastero

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